Getting Started

Kickstart your journey with our Ecommerce API. Explore comprehensive guides and resources to streamline your e-commerce integration process effortlessly.

All REST API calls will return JSON or HTML results.

Our API endpoint is:


Our API is easy to use and is designed to be used by developers. Here are a few things to consider before we get started:

  • The request will be retried until it can be completed (up to 60 seconds). In cases where the request fails in 60 seconds, we will return a 408 error, you will not be charged for the unsuccessful API call(you are only charged for successful requests, 200 status code). Make sure to catch these errors! They will occur on roughly 1-2% of requests.

  • If you exceed 1000 requests per month on your free plan, you will receive a 403 error.

Error Codes

Handling the HTTP response status codes below is advisable for a smooth scraping experience.

Error CodesDescription


Request Successfull


User not found or enter a valid query


Request timed out


Request couldn't proceed.

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